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What is the difference between getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition(). I read several articles about getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition(). But none of was clear to me. As far as I'm understand getCurrentPosition() update location only one time But watchPosition() continuously update location. I'm I right??

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You're right, watchPosition() executes the callback everytime a new position is available, getCurrentPosition() executes the callback only once when the first position is available. – Dr.Molle Nov 11 '12 at 0:50
Did anyone below answer your question or do you still have a question? – thecoolmacdude Jun 19 at 18:34

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getCurrentPosition() gives currentPosition latitude and longtitude values,which fires only once. Where as watchPosition() gives currentPosition latitude and longtitude values continuously. If position changed(assume you are in a moving vehicle,then watchPosition() will give result.Then you will come to know the result of this )

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You are correct. The getCurrentPosition() callback is fired once and watchPosition() callback is fired continuously. Good reading on this here.

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watchPosition fired each time your device position changes (with interval specified in fn params). getCurrentPostion only once.

watchPosition actually analogue of setInterval fn and also returns id that can be used to stop iterative process by using clearWatch.

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