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this is my lexical analyzer code when I enter as an input the following :

/*This is an example */

        var a,b:integer;


        a =2;

        b =a+5;


        if b==1 then write(a);


the output must be like this :

<res,var> <id,a>,<id,b>:<res,integer>;
<id,a> <assign,=><num,2>;
<id,b> <assign,=><id,a><addop,+><num,5>;
<res,if> <id,b><relop,==><num,1> <res,then> <res,write>(<id,a>);

but I my output is :

Lexical Error~/hedor1>exampler < input\ .txt 

I don't know why it just avoids the newline and doesnot print it to the output although I have defined that in my patterns section \n printf("\n"); what is the problem,thanks in advance for any helper.

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Your Flex code has disappeared in your edit. –  Thomas Padron-McCarthy Nov 11 '12 at 9:43

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Nowhere in your input do you have a single newline by itself. All you have are sequences of one or more whitespace characters (spaces, tabs and newlines). Since you have a rule that matches that, Flex uses the longest match.

Flex generates a greedy parser, which tries to match as much of the input as possible. For example, if it sees the input reality, it doesn't stop after matching real and then go on and match ity as a separate token. Instead, it matches all of reality.

In the same way, in your input after the starting comment you have not one but two newlines (since there is an empty line there), and this will be matched by your {whitespace}+ rule, instead of twice by the \n rule.

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but in the input there is a newline in the end of the line! you don't have to write explicitly \n you should press "enter" key is not that right?! –  flashdisk Nov 10 '12 at 18:30
There are several newlines in the input, but always in places where your {whitespace}+ rule will match a longer sequence. I tried to clarify my answer a bit. –  Thomas Padron-McCarthy Nov 11 '12 at 9:41
ok thanks I did not pay attention to it! –  flashdisk Nov 11 '12 at 10:21

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