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Where can I find the implementation of munlockall? It's defined in "sys/mman.h", but I can't find out where it's implemented....

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It's in mm/mlock.c:;a=blob;f=mm/mlock.c;hb=HEAD#l368.

You can find things in the kernel source code by grepping the local tree if you have checked it out of git or by using the commit search on (top right of the tree pages).

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SYSCALL_DEFINE0(munlockall) 576 { 577 int ret; 578 579 down_write(&current->mm->mmap_sem); 580 ret = do_mlockall(0); 581 up_write(&current->mm->mmap_sem); 582 return ret; 583 }I've got it. Thank you! – T_T Nov 10 '12 at 17:41

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