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I have checked around but I didn't found a clear example on how to submit the accordion using a single form. The problem I find is when I want to process (validate) only fields of the opened tab.

The structure of my page is as follows:

    <p:accordionPanel activeIndex="#{bean.selectedTab}">
        <p:ajax event="tabChange" listener="#{bean.tabChangeListener}"/>

        <p:tab title="Tab1" id="t1">
            <p:inputText id="reqField1" required="true"/>
        <p:tab title="Tab2" id="t2">
            <p:inputText id="reqField2" required="true"/>

   <p:commandButton update="list" immediate="true" actionListener="#{bean.addRecord}"/>                     


public class Bean{
    public void tabChangeListener(AjaxBehaviorEvent evt){
        AccordionPanel panel = (AccordionPanel) evt.getComponent();
        // getLoadedTabs() returns an empty list
        String currentlyLoadedTabId = panel.getLoadedTabs().get(this.selectedTab).getClientId(); 


Is there anyway to specify the id of the currently opened tab as part of the process attribute in p:commandButton tag?

UPDATE When Tab1 is open, on submit, I want to be validated only reqField1 and not reqField2. Viceversa, when Tab2 is open, I want to be validated only reqField2 and not reqField1.

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Try this.

  1. Bind the activeIndex of the accordionPanel to a backing bean int attribute

  2. Get the id of the currently selected tab using the bound activeIndex. To do this in your actionListener, get a handle on the accordion panel

    EDIT: Since your actionListener has been set to immediate, the activeIndex and selectedTab will need to be updated via ajax. Add the following <p:ajax/> to your accordionPanel

    <p:ajax event="tabChange" listener="#{bean.tabChangeListener}" />

    In your backing bean, you'll now have

    public void (AjaxBehaviorEvent evt){
     AccordionPanel panel = (AccordionPanel) evt.getComponent();
     String currentlyLoadedTabId = panel.getLoadedTabs().get(this.selectedTab).getClientId(); 
  3. Using the the id you got from 2 above, you can include that in the JSF list of things to be rerendered using ajax on the server side. In the same action listener method:


Alternatively, you might just consider placing a command button in each of those tabs and having a form in each tab as well. This way, each command button processes only it's own parent form

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thanx for the answer. how can get be fired myActionListener()? is your myActionListener() method the equivalent of #{bean.addRecord} in my example? If yes, that is exactly the problem, that I can dot get in the backing bean method since validation process do not let me. –  Ermal Nov 11 '12 at 22:32
@Ermal, set immediate="true" on the <p:commandButton/> to be able to carry out it's processing before the validation phase –  kolossus Nov 11 '12 at 23:10
Ok, with immediate="true" I can enter in myActionListener() method and 'evt.getComponent().findComponent("myPanel").getLoadedTabs();' returns an empty list of Tab's object. Does it sound correct to you? What I noticed else, is that on tab changed, setSelectedTab() is not being called. If I remove required="true" to all fields in the tabs, setSelectedTab() is been called correctly on each change tab event. –  Ermal Nov 11 '12 at 23:50
@Ermal, that may be because you're calling getLoadedTabs() pretty early in the lifecyle. Is the activeIndex variable set? because now that I think of it, even that will always be incorrect if it's called too early. Add a <p:ajax/> to update the value of selectedTab and set the currentlyLoadedTab immediately the tab is changed. I've updated my answer to include this –  kolossus Nov 12 '12 at 5:01
@Ermal, if you're going to include ajax on your page, now your backing bean must be @ViewScoped –  kolossus Nov 12 '12 at 5:16
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