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I am trying to host all my projects on the cloud, and I am having problems with the names syncing with each other. If I edit a file, it doesn't know. Why doesn't it push a SkyDrive update?

If there is an alternative (free) to SkyDrive & VS, let me know.

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I've been using DropBox for the past few years to hold my projects and I've never had any issues with it. Heck, if you also needed a SVN repository, you could set up TortoiseSVN, on it and use Dropbox as a repository. Of course they only give you 2GB of storage for free (which can be increased via referrals). I have around 16 websites and projects on there, as well as other documents and I'm not using 10% of what I have (about 3.2GB).

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If you are the one who own the projects, I suggest you to create Bitbucket account. You can store unlimited private repositories for free unless you have more than 3 developers.

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You can also keep you code in the source control hosted on the cloud. I have been using free TFS online which also supports Git. It works seamlessly with Visual Studio 2012.

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I've been using that, it's a really good solution. – Robert Gawdzik Jun 20 '13 at 0:01

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