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I'm new to python and this is my first real program. Heres the code:

def home():
    print ('game....play-1..options-2..rules-3..exit-4..')
    answer = input()
    if answer == '1':
    elif answer == '2':
    elif answer == '3':
    elif answer == '4':

def rules():
    print ('rules...main menu-1...exit-2..')
    answerRules = input ()
    if answerRules == '1':
    elif answerRules == '2':


The main problem i get here is that it works fine in the python shell but not with command prompt. In command prompt home() works however once you enter an answer, e.g. 3. the program just ends.

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What version of python? If 2.x, input will return an int, not a string –  David Robinson Nov 10 '12 at 18:21
I think that you should mention the operating system you use. –  sємsєм Nov 10 '12 at 18:22
Works on my system. Win7_64 + python 3.0.1 (2 bit). Please mention your OS & python version. –  anishsane Nov 10 '12 at 18:26

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answer is type of int

so check with if answer == 1:
It will resolve

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I think the print() function suggests that the OP is on python3.x, so input() is not an int in that case. –  Ashwini Chaudhary Nov 10 '12 at 18:26
Thanks for the quick response, it worked :) –  Oliver Bennett Nov 10 '12 at 18:28
@OliverBennett you're on python 2.x? –  Ashwini Chaudhary Nov 10 '12 at 18:29

You should check to see if input() is returning the carriage return or some other character when you run it from the command prompt.

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