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How do I add my own share option (target) to the share charm in WinRT? I want to add a custom "share on facebook" button, which would cause a custom menu to pop-up. I successfully implemented this with Settings charm, but there is no ShareCommand like there are SettingsCommand.

Basically, I learned to use Facebook API and now I would like to have a control responsible for sharing to be called from the share charm. Any ideas?

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There are a couple of steps you need to follow to make your application a share target which means that it will show up in the Share charm (you can't add custom buttons there, it's always applications that are listed):

  1. Add Share Target as a support declaration to your package.appxmanifest file and specify which data formats and/or file types you can accept.
  2. In App.xaml.cs override OnShareTargetActivated which will be called when the user selects your app as the share target. Through args.ShareOperation you can access the shared content.

There's a more detailed walkthrough available in the documentation, as well as a sample.

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