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The reload tab has been failing to load since at least sometime last night (12+ hours). I've tried the "Clean app" option, but otherwise I'm not sure what to do. Here's the error that eventually comes back to the top of the screen:

Error in remote call to reload.verify_config: GET to reload/buildevents/ce8b0e4afeac11e1bdde12313d1adcbe failed: <Response [504]> Details Close

Traceback (most recent call last):

 File "C:\Users\bholub\AppData\Local\Trigger Toolkit\build-tools\forge\", line 96, in run
    result = self._target(*self._args, **self._kwargs)   File "C:\Users\bholub\AppData\Local\Trigger Toolkit\trigger\api\", line 81, in verify_config
    buildevents = forge_tool.singleton.remote.buildevents(path)['buildevents']   File "C:\Users\bholub\AppData\Local\Trigger Toolkit\build-tools\forge\", line 627, in buildevents
    resp = self._api_get(url)   File "C:\Users\bholub\AppData\Local\Trigger Toolkit\build-tools\forge\", line 223, in _api_get
    _check_api_response_for_error(url, 'GET', resp)   File "C:\Users\bholub\AppData\Local\Trigger Toolkit\build-tools\forge\", line 94, in
    raise RequestError(resp, msg) RequestError: GET to reload/buildevents/ce8b0e4afeac11e1bdde12313d1adcbe failed: <Response [504]>
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This was caused by some un-optimised app server code on the side: your particular usage was especially awkward for our code hence the 504s.

I pushed a fix for it yesterday: everyone should see a snappier Reload tab now!

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