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I have a problem that I've broken down into two main parts.

1) Click button to pop up downloads folder. Choose a file from the downloads folder.

2) Take that file that you just chose. Send it to a paired device via bluetooth.

The bluetooth portion I believe won't be that bad given the resources and examples on here.

But #1 I am having trouble figuring out how to tackle (kinda new to android). Are there any good tutorials/docs/links for accessing the downloads folder, picking a file and then using that file for later use for things such as file transfer/etc?


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Have you googled any posts and tutorials? If yes then please ask a more specific question, if no - then that's the thing you should do every time before asking a question on Stackoverflow. –  Egor Nov 10 '12 at 20:40

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File selection on android -


How to use intent for choosing file browser to select file

Whichever method you use you will need to get a file path back. Then you will use that path for the next part of your question, how to send a file via Bluetooth

Bluetooth File Transfer

How to send file from Android device to other device through Bluetooth by code

Always do research before you ask - you will get more up votes and better answers if you do

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