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I'm looking for dialog widgets for the Linux Console (not X, but the "terminal" console) that would show a countdown in seconds next to a widget that might be a menu list or a textbox. Ideally this might be a standalone program, like dialog, that is supplied parameters to control its behaviour. When the countdown reaches 0, the selected value of the widget is returned. There could be a default value in case no human is present (or the human prefers the default). The boot loaders like grub and lilo can do this already, pretty much. I looked through the dialog man page and couldn't find this feature set. Is there a similar tool somewhere that implements a countdown and query?

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dialog --timeout 30 --menu 'Menu Title' 20 60 3 'A' 'Choose A' 'B' 'Choose B' 'C' 'Choose C' # is close, main failing is it doesn't show the timer ; dialog --pause 'Hurry!' 10 60 30 -- # shows a message and ok/cancel with the timer running; these can be combined on one line as: dialog --menu 'Menu Title' 10 60 3 'A' 'Choose A' 'B' 'Choose B' 'C' 'Choose C' --pause 'Hurry up' 10 60 30 # but that doesn't combine the widgets on one page, it creates them sequentially so that after the menu is answered, you get the message and timer –  Paul Aug 26 '09 at 6:41

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I believe Ncurses is what you're looking for.

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Thank you for responding. To code it, I'd agree. I was hoping someone had done it already. –  Paul Aug 26 '09 at 6:36

To stick to using dialog I have solved a similar problem by splitting this into two dialog boxes. First a dialog box appears with the default value (and optionally alternative choices) displayed to the screen, and this has a countdown timer. The user can hit esc or press cancel to change the option, or the countdown reaches 0 and the program continues with the default settings. If the user hits escape then an second dialog appears which allows editing of the options. I didn't want to add further software to our deb-live / clonezilla custom OS build and so I had to find a way with dialog.

dialog --title Some options to choose from, showing default --pause "\n\n Do you accept these options?:  \n  ${options_in_nice_format_for_display}" 20 60 5
[ $? -ne 0 ] && EDIT_IP=true || EDIT_IP=false

if ${EDIT_IP}; then
    dialog --editbox ${MY_OPTIONS_FILE} 20 60 2> ${EDITED_OPTIONS_FILE}

For an even better solution (Which I have used but didn't want to add superfluous code here) you can add a while loop conditioned on the Boolean and allow repetitions of the edits until the user is satisfied.

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I suggest you read the dialog man page. Oh, you already did, you say? Then what’s wrong with:

--pause text height width seconds

A pause box displays a meter along the bottom of the box. The meter indicates how many seconds remain until the end of the pause. The pause exits when timeout is reached or the user presses the OK button (status OK) or the user presses the CANCEL button or Esc key.

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Thanks for pointing bringing my attention to this. However, pause is a widget that displays a message, a countdown, and OK/Cancel. It is not an attribute or modifier to other widgets. So it won't implement a menu with a countdown. --timeout 30 will add a 30sec timeout to a menu but there is no indication of progress. –  Paul Aug 26 '09 at 6:33

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