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When I'm using this piece of code, it sends an empty byte array to my receiver. Why, I do not write anything to the stream I only obtain it. What can I do in order to prevent it ?

public void Send()
  TcpClient client = new TcpClient();
  IPEndPoint serverEndPoint = new IPEndPoint( IPAddress.Parse( ip ), port );
  client.Connect( serverEndPoint );

  NetworkStream clientStream = client.GetStream();


  private TcpListener tcpListener;
  private Thread listenThread;

  public void Receiver()
   this.tcpListener = new TcpListener( IPAddress.Any, port );
   this.listenThread = new Thread( new ThreadStart( ListenForClients ) );

  private void ListenForClients()

   while ( true )
    //blocks until a client has connected to the server
    TcpClient client = this.tcpListener.AcceptTcpClient();

    Thread clientThread = new Thread( new ParameterizedThreadStart( HandleClientComm ));
    clientThread.Start( client );

  private void HandleClientComm( object client )
    TcpClient tcpClient = (TcpClient)client;
    NetworkStream clientStream = tcpClient.GetStream();

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It's not clear what you mean by "send empty byte array" - but look at this code:

NetworkStream clientStream = client.GetStream();

That will close the connection. It's not clear what your code is meant to do, but it seems unlikely that you really want to accept a connection, only to immediately close it.

You do the same thing in HandleClientComm, this time by closing the TcpClient.

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