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In the android content provider guide, it says that when selecting data from database, to not use String mSelectionClause = "var = " + mUserInput because if mUserInput is nothing; DROP TABLE *; then the whole table will be dropped.

So it recommends this way:

String mSelectionClause = "var = ?";
String[] selectionArgs = {""};
selectionArgs[0] = mUserInput;

I don't get it, so if the value of mUserInput is nothing; DROP TABLE *;, won't it do the same thing with String mSelectionClause = "var = nothing; DROP TABLE *;"?

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are you talking about parameterised sql? The use of built in methods tend to prevent malicious attacks for you. As opposed to a raw string input. Aka, in your example string, it will deny the use of ; to start a new query. –  Doomsknight Nov 10 '12 at 22:27
do not put tags in subject –  Marcin Orlowski Nov 10 '12 at 22:31
It's not at all clear what you are asking. Are you asking why parameterised queries protect from SQL injection? –  Simon Nov 10 '12 at 22:31

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The question mark in the query is not directly replaced with the value (mUserInput)!

The internal mechanisms of the database and/or executing (code) libraries, know how to make the provided value safe in order to prevent SQL injections and other malicious attacks.

Note: This technique is not Android specific, but is (or at least should be) able for all databases in all programming languages/environments.

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