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Using Windows 7, with Matlab R2011a (32-bit), I would like to use Cmake to compile a Matlab mex file (procedure.c) written in C. This file contains the void mexFunction() required for interfacing with Matlab. However, the C code within this file calls a subroutine written in Fortran 95 (found in file fp.F).

At least, there are two files that need to be compiled:


In the future, I will have to eventually compile and link together other C code files and Fortran functions.

I would like to do this using the Windows platform, with gcc or Visual Studio 2010 as the C compiler and gfortran as the Fortran compiler.

Must I use only the supported Matlab compilers?

It appears that Open Watcom can create object files suitable for mex, but I can't use Open Watcom since it only supports f77. The code that I have in Fortran was written for a gcc compiler running on a UNIX OS.

There appears to be un-official support for object files created using Open Watcom:

The issue is linking all of this together with Cmake, gcc or Visual Studio, and gfortran. Perhaps Cmake is not optimal, and another type of scripting language could be used?

I do not have access to Intel Visual Fortran on Windows.

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