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I have two array functions:

def available_billing_address_types
  options = []
  options << "Home" if address.present?
  options << "Organisation" if organisation.present?
  return options         

def available_billing_address_types
  options = ["Home", "Organisation"]
  options.delete_at(0) if address.blank?
  options.delete_at(1) if organisation.blank?
  return options         

The first one works as expected, the seconds one doesn't.

I suspect that it's not possible to tun delete_at() twice?

Or what am I missing here?

Thanks for any help...

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You have this array:

options = ["Home", "Organisation"]

If you now call options.delete_at(0) you have this array:

options = ["Organisation"]

So if you now call options.delete_at(1) there is no element 1 to delete.

You could do this:

def available_billing_address_types
  options = ["Home", "Organisation"]
  options.delete("Home") if address.blank?
  options.delete("Organisation") if organisation.blank?
  return options         
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OK, this is a little embarrassing. Couldn't see the wood for all the trees. Thanks!! –  Tintin81 Nov 10 '12 at 23:49

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