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How to programmatically select selectables with jQuery UI?

Does anyone know how to manually or programmatically select a child item of a jQuery UI selectable?

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This isn't exclusive to a selectable object, but if you just want to get the html node, you can use the :nth-child() selector found here.

$(".selector li:nth-child(2)")

Depending on what you need to do with this child, this may work for you.


I think I missed your intended meaning of 'select'. I don't immediately see an easy way to use the API to select an item, but you could always just add the class ui-selected to a child item and the css should take care of the rest. This probably won't trigger API events, however.

Or, you could just do

$(".selector li:nth-child(2)").click();

to select with a fake mouse click.

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Thanks for response. Adding the class ui-selected is a start. Even though events do not fire, I still have enough context to decide what needs to be done. I tried calling click on my selector which looks like this $('#stop_1111') but did not get desired effect. –  Klaus Nji Nov 11 '12 at 1:56

From my answer to this question...


function SelectSelectableElements (selectableContainer, elementsToSelect)
    // add unselecting class to all elements in the styleboard canvas except the ones to select
    $(".ui-selected", selectableContainer).not(elementsToSelect).removeClass("ui-selected").addClass("ui-unselecting");

    // add ui-selecting class to the elements to select

    // trigger the mouse stop event (this will select all .ui-selecting elements, and deselect all .ui-unselecting elements)
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