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I am trying Heroku, but i have run into a problem.

I deployed the Node.js app, but it crashed, I then tested it localy and find out that it was because it did not have run the command "npm install jugglingdb mongoose".

I did that and then it worked locally, then i tried

     git add . 


     git commit -m 'db'

but then I get the message:

nothing to commit (working directory clean)

Then I think, "Okay, then i try to commit that to heroku, now it works on my local computer"

     git push heroku master

But i just get

Everything up-to-date

Then i try restarting it and try my app again

  heroku restart

But the logs says again = npm install jugglingdb mongoose

What could be the problem? I have also tried npm update and it did not update anything.

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Ensure that your 'node_modules' directory isn't empty and your modules are installed inside your local project instead of the default NPM root:

npm update --binroot
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