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I want to control the automatic height change of the container when I add something that changes the lenght of the content. Right now, if I apply a innerHTML change on the content, the height is changed accordingly. I want to apply a transition to that height change. How can I do that? ( I can also use jQuery )

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Record the height before changing the content, change the content, record the height after, set the height to the former height, and animate to the latter height. When the animation has completed, set the height to be automatic again. You can do this using height and animate.

Try it on JSFiddle.

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How is it that the div doesn't flicker between when the text is updated and the height is temporarily reset to the original height? – charliesneath Sep 16 '15 at 21:09
@charliesneath: While in practice browsers today are usually multithreaded, browsers still act in some ways as if they were single-threaded and JavaScript blocked the UI. In particular, the page will not be re-rendered while JavaScript is still in the midst of execution. – icktoofay Sep 17 '15 at 2:04
<div id="containter" style="overflow:hidden">

//add something...



and when adding append to the div inside the containter:

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