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I am creating dynamic mailto links using the below code.

<?php echo urlencode(str_replace(" ", "%20",  the_title() )); ?>

The problem is that when the title contains an ampersand, it breaks the mailto string with spaces.


Outputs: Menu Salmon Crab & Tuna

Even though I am finding and replacing the spaces, the spaces seem to appear breaking the string. When I look in the source, this is what I get.

mailto:?Subject=Menu%20Salmon%20Crab &#038; Tuna

The same code works for Menu Salmon Crab

Can anyone help me understand why. Thanks.

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Why are you double URL-encoding? No need for your str_replace. –  Brad Nov 11 '12 at 1:26

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There shouldn't be any problem with having spaces in the mailto, try:

    echo urlencode('my string with & sign');
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