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if the command is with a pipe, how to deal with permission problem with sudo the following command

sudo -u liy echo "update moz_cookies set value='f1=40000000&f3=40000&fv=11.2.202' where name='PREF' and host='.youtube.com';"|sqlite3 /user/liy/home/.mozilla/firefox/dd1pkryp.default/cookies.sqlite

leads to problem:

cannot open directory /user/liy/home/.mozilla/firefox/: Permission denied

how to deal with this? thanks

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Put the sudo on the command doing the modifying:

echo 'some SQL' | sudo sqlite3 /some/database.db

You might even consider using a heredoc:

sudo sqlite3 /some/database.db <<ENDOFSQL
    -- SQL here; you can even use multiple lines!
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