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I would like to display image in python and close it after user enters name of the image in terminal. I use PIL to display image, here is the code:

im ="image.jpg")

My application display this image, but user task is to recognize object on image and write answer in terminal. If answer entered is correct user should get another image. Problem with PIL is that I cant close the image and with research the only sollution was to kill the process of image viewer, but this is not really reliable and elegant. Are there any other libraries for displaying images that have methods like .show() and .close() ?

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Just open any image viewer/editor in a separate process and kill it once user has answered your question e.g.

from PIL import Image
import subprocess

p = subprocess.Popen(["display", "/tmp/test.png"])
raw_input("Give a name for image:")
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Does this rely on "display" being an executable that displays an image, on the user's path? That seems a bit... fragile? – GreenAsJade Jun 25 '14 at 7:32
That is an example, but software has to rely on something to work, this is the easiest way for a given situation, in general for cross platform app you might use some library like wxPython or PyQT to create a window and display image. You can also use PIL's which may be cross platform but you can't close the window automatically. – Anurag Uniyal Jun 26 '14 at 22:26

Terminal is meant to deal with linear command flow - meaning it asks a question, user answers, and then it can ask a different question. What you are trying to do here is for terminal to do two things, show an image and at the same time ask user a question. To do this you can do two of either things:


You can start a new thread/process and make PIL show the image using that thread, and meanwhile in the first thread/process ask a user a question. Then after the user answers, you can close the other thread/process. You can take a look at Python's threading module (link) for more information on how you can do that.


Instead of making your user interface in terminal, make a simple GUI application using whatever framework you are comfortable. I personally like PyQt4. Qt is very powerful GUI development toolkit and PyQt4 is a wrapper for it. If you make a GUI, then what you are tyring to do is rather trivial.

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