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I'm creating a game with Scala and I would like to know how to do neatly the network part. My game is a strategic game which is composed by orders that are case class.

By exemple Move(from:(Int,Int), to:(Int,Int)) extends Order.

When in a multiplayer game, the android client should receive an order with an id containing the id from the player that made that move and send his own moves. I want to use a central server to each every client connect. So basically, a client should be able to log on the server, to send enough information to create a game on the server, to ask the list of the game, and to join a new game, but also to receive serialized data from the server, and case class.

I saw that finagle was a good option, my problem is I have some trouble with finagle on Android and it can only receive data after asking for them, so i have to do a "Refresh" packet every x to keep the client updated.

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