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I try to convert the code from haml to erb but I'm getting stuck and don't know why.

Here is the original code I want to convert:

And here is what I have right now. Can someone take a look at it and give me some hints. Thanks.

I doubt this line the most: %tr[resource]{odd_or_even}

I think that it might be like: <tr> <% @resource{odd_or_even} %>

RubyMine gave me an error at this line: <%= paginate collection %>

    <% content_for(:header) do %>
      <h1><%= resource_class.model_name.human(count: 2) %></h1>

    <ul class="tabs">
       <li class="active"><%= link_to "Index", "#" %></li>
       <li><%= link_to "New", new_resource_path %> </li>
    <table class='zebra-striped'>
          <% attributes.each do |attr| %>
            <th> <%= resource_class.human_attribute_name(attr) %></th>
          <th> &nbsp;</th>
        <% collection.each do |resource| %>
          <tr> <% @resource{odd_or_even} %>
            <% attributes.each do |attr| %>

            <td> <%= resource.public_send(attr).to_s.truncate(20) %> </td>        
            <td class='row-actions'>
              <%= link_to 'show', resource_path(resource) %>
              <%= link_to 'edit', edit_resource_path(resource) %>
              <%= link_to 'destroy', resource_path(resource), method: :delete, confirm: "Are you sure?" %>
        <% end %> 
    <%= paginate collection %>
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Looking at the documentation here :

I'd say it's :

<tr id="<%= "#{}_#{resource.to_key}" %>" class="<%= %>">

This is to translate %tr[resource].

Now, the {odd_or_even} will just convert the result hash of the helper odd_or_even to map them as attributes on the tr.

If we take a look at the definition of the method here :

We see it's just a call to cycle in order to set an extra class. Therefore we end up with:

<tr id="<%= "#{}_#{resource.to_key}" %>" class="<%= "#{} #{cycle("odd", "even", name: "rows")}" %>">

Now, all of this won't fix the problem of paginate. Add the error message if you're still stuck on this.

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Ah sorry, you're right never mind. Deleted my comment. – shioyama Nov 11 '12 at 2:51
Ok well, let's delete all these comments :p – Anthony Alberto Nov 11 '12 at 2:54
Thank you very much for your answer. I think that <%= paginate collection %> will not affect much if I remove it so I have done that. It still show error "[RUBY] Expected: end" although I don't know where I have problem. Here is the current code: – AgainstPIT Nov 11 '12 at 3:08
You're not closing <% content_for(:header) do %>. Add <% end %> at the very end of your file – Anthony Alberto Nov 11 '12 at 3:24
Thank you very much Anthony, it works perfect! – AgainstPIT Nov 11 '12 at 4:20

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