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PYTHON: Searching for a file name from an array and then relocating the file

I'm new to Python and could really use some help. I have a large collection of images that I'm sorting. I need every 260th image (for example: 0, 260, 520, 780, etc). I then need to relocate those images to a new folder. Here is my code so far:

import os, os.path, sys, shutil
root = '.'
dst = "/Users/xx/Desktop/newFolder"

print "/////// F I N D__A L L__F I L E S __W I T H I N __R A N G E ///////////////////"

selectPhotos = range(260, 213921)
print selectPhotos[::260]
print "/////// L I S T__O F __A L L __J P E G S ///////////////////"

for files in os.listdir("/Users/xx/Desktop/spaceOddy/"):
   #if files.endswith(".jpg"):
     # print files

   if files.startswith(('00260', '00520', '00780')):
      print files

      #shutil.copyfile(files, "/Users/xx/Desktop")
      shutil.move ("files", dst)
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The code below implements what you are looking for. A few comments on the changes made:

  • use os.rename instead of shutil.move, shutil.move is more for recursively moving directories not single files.
  • glob is a great module that can make your code shorter and easier to read instead of os.listdir
  • the modulus operator % is perfect whenever you want to do something to every x item. In your case every 260th item


src = '/Users/xx/Desktop/spaceOddy/'
dst = "/Users/xx/Desktop/newFolder/"
EVERY = 260
for i, file in enumerate(glob.glob(src + '*.png')):
    if i % EVERY == EVERY - 1:
        print 'moving', file
        os.rename(file, dst + os.path.basename(file))
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