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I have a table called page and I query this, for instance,

FROM page

and I access the data each row in this table columns like this $item->title;

I want to know if I can select the row of this table and at the same time I can retrieve what name is this table I am selecting? So when I do this,

echo $item->table_name; then I get this - page

is it possible?

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You could, of course, do something like this:

SELECT *, 'page' AS table_name FROM page;

Asking what table you obtained a row from doesn't really make a whole lot of sense though. What would you expect the result to be if you had executed a join? What about a union of two queries that select different tables?

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good questions! thank you for the answer. I will think carefully on the questions whether I need to do this or not... – teelou Nov 11 '12 at 4:01

Actually, there appears to be a PHP function to give you the table name of your query. I've never used it, so am not sure how it would work in a join or anything, but it appears to do what you wish at the moment.

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