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I want to modify a python application written for the ipod/iphone. It should copy a string into the clipboard so that I can use it in another application. Is it possible to access the iphone clipboard using python? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for replying.

A bit of background: The python program is a vocabulary program running locally on my ipod. Often I want to look up the vocabulary in a dictionary. Then I always have to repeat the following steps:

  1. Select and copy the word.
  2. Close the vocabulary program.
  3. Open the dictionary.
  4. Paste the word into the text field.
  5. Press search.

I want to automate the process, therefore I want the python program to copy the word into the clipboard automatically and start the dictionary. I figured out the part with the starting already, using URL schemes. I was hoping to be able to automate the copying as well.

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Since there is no standard Python environment for the phone I assume you are using some preassembled 3rd party framework that includes a python interpreter and some sort of Cocoa bridge. In order to get any sort of answers you probably need to be more specific about what you are using. –  Louis Gerbarg Aug 26 '09 at 15:52
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Sorry no, I'm assuming since you mention python that this is a web-based application? If so there is no way you can put something into/take something out of the user's clipboard automatically. However if it is webbased the user will be able to select any text/image and copy to paste elsewhere.

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