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I have an existing multi-tenant heroku app that uses wildcard subdomains to route requests currently serving the following types of requests below over https/ssl using a wildcard ssl certificate

https://app1.example.com https://app2.example.com

Is it possible to add another seperate single domain ssl certificate to serve requests on a url like:


Assume all requests are being handled by a single dyno

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It's possible and not difficult to do.

Just add the domain to Heroku:

heroku domains:add app3.custom-domain.com

As for the certificate, get a multi domain SAN certificate and include all the domains in the SAN field; your wildcard *.example.com and also the separate domain app3.custom-domain.com.

Please note you will still be charged wildcard rates for the wildcard domain in the SAN field. I know because I've done this.

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