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im trying to figure out how to call mmap on a 32bit linux system using at&t syntax. I cant seem to figure out how to code its arguments correctly to get it to work (after the interrupt %eax always holds -14 or other negative numbers)

ive tried pushing all the arguments onto the stack (pushing the first argument first so its last on the stack) and ive also tried storing them in all the registers in order of ebx. ecx. edx, esi, edi. ebp and both returned similar results.

here is some code samples ive been playing around with ive created.

    push $90
    pop %eax           #mmap()

    xor %ebx, %ebx     #zero out ebx
    push %ebx          #arg1 is null

    push %ebx
    pop %ecx
    inc %ecx
    shl $0x12, %ecx
    push %ecx          #arg2 is 0x1000 size of memory to map

    push $0x7          #arg3 flags `or'd`

    push $0x22         #arg4 more flags

    push %ebx
    push %ebx          #arg5/6 null

    mov %esp, %ebx     #pointer to arguments
    int $0x80

i didn't save my other code where i put all the variables inside the registers but it yielded the same results. does anyone know the correct way to call this function?

the declaration im going off of is

90:sys_old_mmap:(struct mmap_arg_struct);


void *mmap(void *addr, size_t lengthint " prot ", int " flags , int fd, off_t offset);


thanks for any help.

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there's an example here –  mux Nov 11 '12 at 5:43
@mux: THANK YOU. i had the right idea, but i was simply pushing the arguments onto the stack backwards. even though that pdf was hard to read because it was blurry i managed to get the jist of it and got it to work. thank you again. –  randy newfield Nov 11 '12 at 5:55
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