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I'm developing an Active Contour Algorithm in OpenCV, in one of the steps I need to take the negative of the gradient -V[I(x,y)] ... How can I perform this operation, I have tried this:

//load image (type CV_32FC3) and calculate gradient
neg = cv::Mat(gradient.cols,gradient.rows,CV_32FC3,cv::Scalar::all(-1));
//to verify negatives value
double minVal, maxVal;
int maxIdx[3];
std::cout << maxVal << " , " << minVal << std::endl;

But I only get values in the range of 10^-38 when I print it. Thank you.

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Do opencv::mul(gradient,neg,gradient,1) give the same?

But it might be that you need to gradient = gradient.mul(neg). I dont have opencv installed so cant check.

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Thanks ... The first one was right. – David Lavy Brizuela Nov 11 '12 at 6:20

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