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a file contains informaton like below I'd like to covert this file into list of list of string There is a blank line between group.



and the result returns:

[[pear, banana], [milk, tea, coffee]]
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Have you any code? – squiguy Nov 11 '12 at 5:52
I am thinking about geting rid of the blank line between each group. But so far my code is not working. – user1718467 Nov 11 '12 at 5:57
post it so we can help :) – squiguy Nov 11 '12 at 5:58

This should do it:

with open("data.txt") as f:
    res = [line.split('\n') for line in'\n\n')]

Split the input data into groups then split each group into lines.

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Try this:

from itertools import groupby

def build_list(name):
    with open(name, "r") as f:
        return [[i.strip() for i in group] for key, group in
                groupby(f, key=lambda k: (k.strip() == "")) if not key]

This solution will even allow for degenerate files where you have more than one empty line between groups or multiple empty lines at the end.

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Stack_13328928.txt is your list. Please note that the last line in your input file has to be a new line, otherwise the last item is lost, but I think the code can be modified that you don't need a blank new line.

import csv
in_file = open("stack_13328928.txt")
CSV = csv.reader(in_file)
outer_ls = []
inter_ls = []
for i in CSV:
        inter_ls += i
        inter_ls = []

print outer_ls
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