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I would like to change some code in one element X in gstreamer ugly plugin and rebuild and use it.

How I can do it?

I have gstreamer-0.10 and installed gstreamer-ugly plugin. I would like to download only gstreamer0-10 ugly plugin code and change it and would like to use the new lib file. How I can do it?

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unfortunately gstreamer-ugly depends on a lot of stuff in at least libgstreamer and plugins-base (if you're using linux and your distro provides *-dev packages as debian/ubuntu does).

If you're on debian you could use dpkg-buildpackage after checking out the source using apt-source. The big advantage here is that all the build dependencies can be easily installed.

The manual way will probably need you to first build all the other gstreamer packages have a close look on what ./configure tells you I'm workin on debian and have already built gstreamer+plugins to backport the recent ones to ubuntu (although I'm not sure if I did it in a best-practice way ;) )

/edit: I'll try to cover the basic steps for ubuntu here:

  • add the source repositories to apt (check the "source code" checkbox in the ubuntu software center's "software sources" tool
  • sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev devscripts
  • sudo apt-get build-dep gst-plugins-ugly0.10
  • apt-get source gst-plugins-ugly0.10
  • change to the newly created gst-plugins-base* folder
  • dpkg-buildpackage (and make sure it works)
  • change the source to your needs
  • you can rebuild it any time using dpkg-buildpackage (to simply see if it compiles make might be faster though). This creates a .deb file in the parent folder that you can simply install using dpkg -i
  • If it's a useful change you might want to get in touch with the gstreamer-devs ;)
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I am using Ubuntu 11.10...Could you please mention the steps including src download to environment variable set? –  StackReader Nov 12 '12 at 6:47
@StackReader I've updated the post to provide a brief step-by-step guide –  mreithub Nov 12 '12 at 12:20
Thanks for the steps. But, from which repository I will download the dpkg-buildpackage? when I am doing "sudo apt-get install dpkg-buildpackage devscripts" it is saying dpkg-buildpackage package not found... –  StackReader Nov 13 '12 at 18:30
What is the meaning of the 1st step "add the source repositories to apt"? –  StackReader Nov 13 '12 at 20:13
@StackReader updated the post. I hope it helps –  mreithub Nov 14 '12 at 0:37

On a debian system, run apt-get build-dep gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly to get all the build dependencies for that package. After that you can build the package from git, source tarball or even rebuild the debian package (using dkgp-buildpackage).

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