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I'm having an issue working out what libraries I have access to. I understand that I can use the Atmel Studio 6 IDE to program the microcontroler (Atmega328p) in C++; however, I can't work out where it is documented what libraries I have access to. For example, can I use the STL (so like, vectors, deques...)? If someone could point me towards some documentation, that'd be great.


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Atmel Studio 6 doesn't come with an implementation of STL. There are some libraries that avr-gcc comes with--look in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\Atmel Toolchain\AVR8 GCC\Native\\avr8-gnu-toolchain\avr\include\

That does not contain <vector> or <deques>, but it does have <string>. There are lots of STL implementations ported over to Atmel Studio though: take a look at:

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