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Is it possible to control or limit a user's parallel thread usage in oracle?

Lets say, user dev is executing a SELECT query which is taking 32 parallel threads.

But, irrespective of the hints or table design, i want the query to run in single thread as with /*NOPARALLEL*/ hint. This should happen to whatever DML transaction user dev does with the DB.

Is there any way i could achieve this? I tried searching for an approach but couldn't reach anywhere.

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The only way we can limit a user's consumption of system resources is with a profile. The CREATE PROFILE option provides a couple of options for limiting CPU usage, CPU_PER_SESSION and CPU_PER_CALL , but alas not number of CPUs. Find out more.

I would say that in the sort of environment where we would want to impose resource limits - i.e. a live one - the use of parallel query should either be left to the database through the PARALLEL_AUTOMATIC_TUNING parameter or be locked down by the PARALLEL hint on pre-canned queries only.

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