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To implement this feature I had created a a column replyTo which relates to the comment_id in the same table. The original comments have this as 0. The problem I face is what could be the best way to show them.

In my model, I have created a function nested_comments() to get them and in my view I was doing like, this.

<? foreach( $comments as $comment ): ?>
          <? foreach( $comment->nested_comments() as $comm): ?>

But that is only fine if I have one level of nested comments. Actually, I wish if there was a way to do this in the view. I don't wish to create another view file and controller for this purpose alone.

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You can use function, Like below:

function getComments($comments){
     foreach($comments as $key => $value){
          // do what you want with comments

it's not ready to use function, but you can work in the same way.

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You can achieve it with mptt modules, there are a few around:




I've been using third one but now its old and I suggest you to take a look at leap, it looks very promising. And also take a look at http://kohana-modules.com/search?query=mptt

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Note that its a Nested Sets, so you need to modify your table structure. –  biakaveron Nov 12 '12 at 7:31

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