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I've been working with Tkinter for a week or two now and I've had no problems using buttons. But with this project, my script works fine until I add a button, then it won't run anymore. Can someone help me fiture this out. Thanks a lot in advance.

from sys import argv
from Tkinter import *
from PIL import Image, ImageTk, ImageFilter
import random

script, infile = argv

class MyApp(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.root = Tk()
        Button(self.root, text ="ASdf").pack()

        original =
        (w, h) = (original.size[0], original.size[1])
        tkpi = ImageTk.PhotoImage(original)
        label = Label(self.root, image=tkpi)
        label.grid(row =0, column=0, padx=5,pady=5)

        img = original.copy()
        pixels = img.load()
        for x in range(w):
            for y in range(h):
                pixels[x,y]= 22
        tkpi2 = ImageTk.PhotoImage(img)
        label = Label(self.root, image=tkpi2)
        label.grid(row =0, column=1, padx=5,pady=5)


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You are mixing pack and grid layouts.

"Don’t mix grid and pack in the same master window. Tkinter will happily spend the rest of your lifetime trying to negotiate a solution that both managers are happy with." -

Pick one for the master window and stick with it. If you need to use multiple layouts, use a different frame for each one.

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thanks a lot! i'm going to stick with grid – user1730056 Nov 11 '12 at 7:31

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