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I am looking for a program or web tool, that can analyze broken/partial QR codes. Normally a QR decoder will just tell you that the data can not be read. This is not very useful. Even though the code is not readable, some informations can presumably be extracted!

  • Is the finder patterns found?
  • Is the timing pattern found?
  • What is the version?
  • What is the error level?
  • What is the mask?
  • Is the format intact?
  • What is the mode?
  • Is the stop pattern found after the correct length?
  • Is there any meaningful data?

Do you know any such tool?

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You can simply hack some open source code like zxing to print out its progress on a command line during decoding and in that way see how far it got. Just sprinke in a few System.out.println() statements.

The problem is false positives. It will almost always find at least 3 regions that look like a QR code's finder patterns; it always takes the 3 most likely candidates. They usually are phantoms since you're usually not looking at a QR code. The next step would then fail, finding valid version info. (In a very unlikely case it would even find phantom version info.)

Some of these aspects you mention aren't necessarily detected by a library since they don't have to be, like timing pattern and stop pattern (which isn't required for short data).

Aside from those caveats, should be easy.

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Thank you - this is what I need. I can not do it though. I am trying to figure it out, and will post my efforts and questions separate. – Hans-Peter E. Kristiansen Nov 14 '12 at 9:28

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