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I have a dll where i would like to access the global variables of the Project. How can this be done in VB6?

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While it is syntactically correct to use a global variable it is a very poor idea. Add either a module or a class file and encapsulate your variable inside a property. If you want to access your properties from within your project a bas file is fine. If you are describing making an ActiveX dll and accessing properties with another, separate project you should make a class module. You will need to set the class Instancing property to something other than private.

'myproject.bas code
Option Explicit

private mblnIsDirty as boolean

Public Property Let IsDirty(ByVal vIsDirty)

    mblnIsDirty = vIsDirty

End Property
Public Property Get IsDirt() As Boolean

    IsDirty = mblnIsDirty

End Property
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You can not access anything in a different project unless you explicitly pass it between the projects via COM.

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