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Can anyone help with how to make a button unselected after I press another button.

I have 3 buttons and do not know how to make previous button look like unselected in switch case, after touch they change state to selected Yes and change their pics.

    UIButton *pressedButton = (UIButton*)sender;
    case 0:
          red = 255.0/255.255;
          green = 0.0/255.255;
          blue = 0.0/255;
    case 1:
          red = 0.0/255.255;
          green = 0.0/255.255;
          blue = 255.0/255;
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before the switch:

for(UIView *v in sender.superview.subviews) {
    if([v isKindOfClass:[UIButton class]]) {
           [v setSelected:NO];

assumption all buttons are next to each other :) else you would need IBOutlets to the buttons

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Thank you! I'm using IBOutlets and works almost perfectly. some times need to tap first button few times to change its state. (( other 2 buttons work without problems. –  Sasha Prent Nov 12 '12 at 8:56

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