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I just making small code for tracking app to my website.

I'm pretty new at json so I could not find out what is wrong at my code. It's been two days now:

Here is the code

 <script type="text/javascript">
     $(document).ready(function() {
      var inputField = $('#tracking');
      var outputElement = $('#textResult');
      inputField.keyup(function() {
       if (inputField.val().length > 1) {
        $.getJSON('http://sporing.bring.no/sporing.json?q=' + inputField.val(),                       
             outputElement.html('ID' + data.consignmentSet.consignmentId);

       } else {
           outputElement.html('No result!');

<input type="text" id="tracking" style="width: 17;" maxlength="30"/><br/><span      id="textResult"></span>

My source is: http://developer.bring.com/api/trackingapi.html#json

Tracking json source: http://sporing.bring.no/sporing.json?q=TESTPACKAGE-AT-PICKUPPOINT

Links gives result, but i'n not able to display it.

It is simple code, so hopefully someone can explain me what I'm doing wrong...


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data.consignmentSet contains an array with one element so


should work!

You can use JSONLint to validate and pretty print your JSON to better dig into it's structure.

Also, you could use a debugger to explore the content of the data at runtime. Most browsers have their F12 developer tools or you could install Firebug. Then switch to the Script tab, go to the line in code where you access the data and click on the line number. A breakpoint will be set where code execution will stop when running the script. When the breakpoint is reached, you can explore the data in the Watch window.

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That was it, now it works. I also needed to add &callback=? in the end of query string to get it working. Thanks might! –  exoticDEVIL Nov 11 '12 at 13:04
Glad to hear that. Please consider marking this as answer if it solved your problem. –  Daniel Calliess Nov 11 '12 at 13:38

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