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I am new to android so have very less idea about working of images in sqlite db. I am creating an app in which i will be creating a db with pre-filled data that means i would be putting that data-filled db in assets folder and user will start using it directly once the app is installed. So i have around 186 images of flags from different countries, which i need to show in a custom listview. Can you tell me how to store all images in sqlite db and get it back to show on listview? I tried using some IDE for inserting images in db but their decoding doesn't work. Please help!!!

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Store only the Id's(give each image a unique id) of the files in the database - and retrieve the id'sand search for it in the assets folder since you are already putting images in the folder. – Slartibartfast Nov 11 '12 at 11:54
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try this First of all you have to store all images in blob datatype into sqlite database then for retrieving from database user following code

query_compnay_id="Select * From "+mStaticValues.company_master;
byte[] by =mCursor_company_detail.getBlob(mCursor_company_detail.getColumnIndex(mStaticValues.image_data));
mBitmap=BitmapFactory.decodeByteArray(by, 0, by.length, null);
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