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I want to load and read a xml file in my xna game. But whenever i try to debug it there is a NullReferenceException from the line "scelect new LevelData"

Downloadlink for the Project: Download

This is the method I'm trying to fix:

       private void InitLevel(int levelNum)
        actlevel = levelNum;
        levelData = (from level in XElement.Load("Data\\Levels.xml").Descendants("Level")
                      where (int)level.Attribute("Number") == levelNum
                      select new LevelData
                          number = levelNum,
                          changeDirChance = (int)level.Attribute("ChangeDirChance"),
                          maxActiveAliens = (int)level.Attribute("MaxActiveAliens"),
                          totalAliensToFinish = (int)level.Attribute("TotalAliensToFinish"),
                          boss = alienTypes[(string)level.Attribute("Boss")],
                          fireChance = (int)level.Attribute("FireChance"),
                          maxAlienBullets = (int)level.Attribute("MaxAlienBullets"),
                          alienGenerationTime = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds((int)level.Attribute("AlienGenerationTime")),
                          selectionData = (from sel in level.Descendants("AlienType")
                                           select new AlienSelectionData
                                               chance = (int)sel.Attribute("Chance"),
                                               alien = alienTypes[(string)sel.Attribute("Name")]
        Debug.Assert(levelData != null);

and here the XML file

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <Level Number="1" MaxActiveAliens="7" TotalAliensToFinish="15" Boss="boss1"
         AlienGenerationTime="800" ChangeDirChance="2" FireChance="2" MaxAlienBullets="5">
      <AlienType Name="alien1" Chance="25" />
      <AlienType Name="alien2" Chance="20" />
      <AlienType Name="alien3" Chance="20" />
      <AlienType Name="alien4" Chance="5" />
  <Level Number="2" MaxActiveAliens="10" TotalAliensToFinish="25" Boss="boss2"
         AlienGenerationTime="600" ChangeDirChance="2" FireChance="3" MaxAlienBullets="7">
      <AlienType Name="alien1" Chance="20" />
      <AlienType Name="alien2" Chance="20" />
      <AlienType Name="alien3" Chance="20" />
      <AlienType Name="alien4" Chance="15" />
      <AlienType Name="alien5" Chance="10" />
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Try debugging your LINQ query. – Rohit Vats Nov 11 '12 at 12:09
Your query works fine. Verify your input file. Maybe you are missing some attribute in your actual xml file. Also make sure your alienTypes contains all types from xml - otherwise you can get Key not found exception – Sergey Berezovskiy Nov 11 '12 at 12:26
Are you sure alienTypes itself isn't null? – Jon Skeet Nov 11 '12 at 12:29

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