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Can we access a UserControl by its name? For example, I've already made a UserControl (in the same project) with the name uc1, and a Panel named Panel1, so something like:

Dim a As String = "uc1"
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Yes. Not anything close that what's in your snippet, you can't add strings to the Controls collection. But you can index the Controls collection with a string to get a control reference. Like this:

Dim ctl as New MyUserControl
ctl.Name = "foo"


Dim ctl as MyUserControl
ctl = DirectCast(Panel1.Controls("foo"), MyUserControl)
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You can do something like this instead:

Dim c As Control = Me.Controls("uc1")


Dim c As Control = Me.Controls.Find("uc1", True)(0)

If c IsNot Nothing Then
End If

But why not just add:


(assuming your control is stored as uc1 internally -> Dim uc1 As Control ....)

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