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I have a little question about facebook apps capabilities. Does it give the access of the connexion between each friend?

i explain, for example i have a professional account where i have 100 friends, and i would like to export a map where i will see the connexion between each other, like several wheel with me in the center.

Friend A, knows B, E, R. Friend B, knows A, E, V, W, Y Friend C, knows V & Y Etc.

Each letter are in my 100 friends.

In doing this i will quickly see if some people of my network know other of my friend and we could create business opportunity.

If you know an other system wich create a big global map with all of my friends and all of friends of mine, it is ok for me, i will have much data but i could clean after. Much is better than less.


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You can get this and a slew of other data like this from the Open Graph API provided by facebook.


It will be up to you do the drawing and data plotting. Remember though, your API key is going to have a rate limit I think, so you have to be smart about mining that much data.

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