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I'm using Silex with Twig, and I'm trying to find the occurrence of a key.

Since the key doesn't always exist, method 1 will fail with an exception. Method 2 on the other hand works without errors, however I would like to avoid the extra for and if conditions.

Can this be done?

Method 1:

{% if app.session.get('shop').modules.promotion %}
{% endif %}

Method 2:

{% if app.session.get('shop').modules is not empty %}
    {% for id, config in app.session.get('shop').modules %}
        {% if id == 'promotion' %}
        {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}


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You can use is defined.

{% if app.session.get('shop').modules.promotion is defined %}
{% endif %}

More info about defined can be found here:
Twig: Defined documentation

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