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I want to display a functional set of results (e.g. be able to use arrow keys to select) using jQuery autocomplete but instead of the results displaying in a normal list I want them to display as an inline-block.

Here is the code I have.

$( "#people_q" ).autocomplete({
        minLength: 0,
        source: projects,
        focus: function( event, ui ) {
            $( "#people_q" ).val( ui.item.label );
            return false;
        select: function( event, ui ) {
            $( "#people_q" ).val( ui.item.label );
            $( "#people_q-id" ).val( ui.item.value );
            $( "#people_q-description" ).html( ui.item.desc );
            $( "#people_q-icon" ).attr( "src", "images/" + ui.item.icon );

            return false;
    .data( "autocomplete" )._renderItem = function( ul, item ) {
        return $( "<li>" )
            .data( "item.autocomplete", item )
            .append( "<a>" + item.label + "<br>" + item.desc + "</a>" )
            .appendTo( ul );

Here is the styling I tried.

    .ui-autocomplete {
    width:600px !important;

    .ui-menu-item {
        width:200px !important;
        display:inline !important;  
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The UL width gets set inline within the autocomplete script which outranks your css rules. You can over ride like this:

$(selector).data("autocomplete")._resizeMenu=function() {
      /* do nothing and will be width of page*/
      /* OR set width */
     var ul = this.menu.element;

DEMO: http://jsfiddle.net/M92kX/2/

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