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I implented markerclustererplus in my jquery script like this:

$('#map_canvas').gmap({'streetViewControl':false,'mapTypeId': 'terrain'}).bind('init', function(evt, map) { 
    var mcOptions = {gridSize: 30, maxZoom: 15, ignoreHidden:true};
    $('#map_canvas').gmap('set', 'MarkerClusterer', new MarkerClusterer(map, $('#map_canvas').gmap('get', 'markers'),mcOptions));

Everything is fine so far. The question is: How do i catch the click event, if user clicks on a cluster?

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I find this solution with jquery-ui-gmap.

var clusterer_ = $('#map_canvas').gmap('get', 'MarkerClusterer');

google.maps.event.addListener(clusterer_, 'clusterclick', function (cluster) {
   alert("cluster click event");
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I just had the same problem with the 'click' event in addition to the two other Cluster class events 'mouseover' and 'mouseout'. There's a bug in the markerclusterer.js file for the latest version 2.0.15. To get it to fire the 'click' event, change the markerclusterer.js as follows:

Find this line:

google.maps.event.addDomListener(this.div_, "click", function (e) {

And below it change this:

var mc = cClusterIcon.cluster_.getMarkerClusterer();

google.maps.event.trigger(mc, "click", cClusterIcon.cluster_);
google.maps.event.trigger(mc, "clusterclick", cClusterIcon.cluster_); // deprecated name

to this:

var c = cClusterIcon.cluster_;
var mc = c.getMarkerClusterer();

google.maps.event.trigger(c, "click", cClusterIcon.cluster_);
google.maps.event.trigger(c, "clusterclick", cClusterIcon.cluster_); // deprecated name

That's it!

Don't forget to change both markerclusterplus scripts (markerclusterer.js and markerclusterer_packed.js). After you make the edit, you can recreate the _packed.js version using UglifyJS by cut n' pasting it into this site. I already used that and it works great (30.6% of original).

For details on how to fix the 'mouseover' and 'mouseout' events in that script, see my other SO post.

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I have the latest 2.1.2 version with all your code implemented in there but still cannot catch click or clusterclick event :( – artuska Mar 29 at 14:50

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