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Consider the following relations A, B, C. Can some one please tell the output of the following query. I am unable to interpret it after AUB. Please explain.

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Table A

Id   Name    Age
12   Arun    60
15   Shreya  24
99   Rohit   11

Table B

Id   Name   Age
15   Shreya  24
25   Hari    40
98   Rohit   20
99   Rohit   11

Table C

Id   Phone  Area
10   2200   02  
99   2100   01
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(A UNION B) JOIN C WHERE A.Id > 40 OR C.Id < 15

Sorry , I can't give you a result now becouse I wrote this from my table and I don't have time for it. I think this will help for you to understand it better: Relational Algebra and SQL

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