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I want to call a function from my model at a template such as:

class ChannelStatus(models.Model):

    def get_related_deltas(self,epk):
    	mystring = ""
    	if not self.get_error_code_delta(epk):
    		return mystring
    		for i in self.get_listof_outage():
    			item = i.error_code.all()
    			for x in item:
    				if epk ==
    					mystring= mystring +" "+str(
    	return mystring

And when I want to call this from the template: assume while rendering, I pass channel_status_list as

channel_status_list = ChannelStatus.objects.all()

{% for i in channel_status_list %}
  {{ i.get_related_deltas(3) }}
{% endfor %}

This doesn't work, I am able to call a function that consumes nothing, but couln't find what to do if it has parameter(s)


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You can't call a function with parameters from the template. You can only do this in the view. Alternatively you could write a custom template filter, which might look like this:

def related_deltas(obj, epk):
    return obj.get_related_deltas(epk)

So now you can do this in the template:

{% for i in channel_status_list %}
  {{ i|related_deltas:3 }}
{% endfor %}
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hello, thanks alot for the backup! I am getting "related_deltas requires 1 arguments, 0 provided" error. I am doing exactly as you said. Regards –  crib Aug 26 '09 at 9:17
Hmm, that should work. Can you post the full traceback (probably somewhere like rather than here)? –  Daniel Roseman Aug 26 '09 at 9:59
here it is: ,thanks –  crib Aug 26 '09 at 10:35
That seems to be a different error, probably caused by a double pipe character in {{ forloop.parentloop.counter0||add:"5" }}. –  Daniel Roseman Aug 26 '09 at 11:07
Hey guys, where is that related_deltas function defined in the code? I'm getting a Name Error: name 'register' is not defined when i try to put it in my view. –  Tyler Brock Jul 24 '11 at 17:39

If the method doesn't require any arguments, you can use the @property decorator and access it normally in the template.

class ChannelStatus(models.Model):
    def function_you_want_as_property(self):
        mystring = ""
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Which is not the case in the question, also Django use properties or methods seamlessly as long as they don't have any arguments. –  Danilo Cabello Nov 19 '14 at 18:26
@property not needed –  laffuste Jul 3 at 2:31

Another option is to define a property. See .

You write your function that can do pretty much anything you want. You make it a read only property. You call the property from the template.

Et voilà !!!!

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this is pointless... the Django template system already allows to to call methods as if they were properties (as long as the method does not take any args) –  Anentropic May 23 '11 at 13:16

If you find that there are too many properties running around everywhere or you have a template filter for every other method that you write, another solution was suggested on IRC thanks @FunkyBob. It's a little well, erm, funky but it is nice in certain cases.

  class MethodProxy(object):
        """For consolidating into 1 method the calling of methods with various single args
        (suitable dictionary keys)

        class MyModel(models.Model):

            def magic(self, value):
                # Free the ponies

            def thing(self):
                return MethodProxy(self.magic)

        # Usage
        >>> m = MyModel()
        >>> m.thing['value'] == m.magic('value')

        # template
        {{ m.thing.value }}


        def __init__(self, method):
            self.method = method
        def __getitem__(self, key):
            return self.method(key)
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For > 1 argument, use simple tags:

def related_deltas(obj, epk, second_arg):
    return obj.get_related_deltas(epk, second_arg)


{% for i in channel_status_list %}
  {% related_deltas i 3 4 %}
{% endfor %}

(Note the change of syntax from {{ to {%)

Can take positional parameters (e.g. related_deltas i 3 second_arg=4 debug=true).

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