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How can I retrieve the content of a specific cell in a TableSorter object ? Let say I want to retrieve the content of cell[3,4] meaning the content of the third row and fourth column. I'm sure there is an easy way to do that...

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According to the documentation TableSorter works on a standard table

Assuming this is your table

<table id='myTable'>
    <td>Row 0 / Cell 0</td>
    <td>Row 0 / Cell 1</td>
    <td>Row 1 / Cell 0</td>
    <td>Row 1 / Cell 1</td>

So you should be able to get a specific cell by getting a reference to your table

var myTable = document.getElementById('myTable');

Then access the specific cell by calling

var cell = myTable.rows[1].cells[0]

The contents of the cell should be accessible using

cell.firstChild.nodeValue; // returns "Row 1 / Cell 0"
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