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Declared variables

protected Socket fileSocket;
protected OutputStream os;
fileSocket = new Socket(host, port + 1);
os = fileSocket.getOutputStream();

and uses in next code

File file;
FileInputStream fis;            
int readBytes;
        fileSocket.setKeepAlive(true);//this line
    bufFileName = message.toCharArray();
    fileName = new String(bufFileName, 6, bufFileName.length - 6);              
    file = new File(fileName);
    fis = new FileInputStream(file);
    while ((readBytes = != -1)
    clientUI.display("Trans complete");

I send a file and shutdown fileSocket.
And I want to reuse filesocket, but can't find Appropriate method. What method or operation should I do?

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2 Answers 2

Just instantiate a new socket. You can't use a socket you've already closed. That would like trying to do file operations on a file stream you've already closed.

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setKeepAlive() doesn't do what you think. Once you've shutdown the output on a socket, you can't do any more output on the socket. Once you've closed it you can't reuse it at all.

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