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If I create a B+-tree index for the key table(a,b,c), in a database with 2KB pages and using 64 bit pointers, where a,b and c are all of size 4 bytes and the total size of each record is 88 bytes.

What is the range of possible values for the depth of the index if the table has 36,279 rows?

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For minimum capacity:

2 * ceiling[n/2]^(d-2) * ceiling[(n-1)/2] = 36279

solved for d gives you 3.5, so depth is 4.

For max capacity:

n^(d-1) * (n-1) = 36279

solved for d gives you 2.3 so depth is 3.

Therefore the answer is 3-4.

Oh, and n is 102.

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